Death and Rebirth

March 10-12, 2023

Ritual Art Festival

Death & Rebirth is a space to explore death, the unknown, and transformation.
Join us for a three-day Ritual Art Festival featuring a visual art exhibition, lectures, workshops, ritual performances, and live music at Treehouse NDSM in Amsterdam.

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Artists & Teachers

Marli Huijer. DJ Isis. Maya Fridman. Orryelle Defenestrate. Bert Barten. Noire Antidote. Peaki. Monomorte. Melissa Shemanna. Ayesha Adamo. Giek_1. Freek Wallagh. Esther Kin. Johan Dijk. Marius v Zandwijk. Anima Lab. Anca Arcana. Alejandra Nettel. In Kether.Daniel McKenzie. Rose Wildsmith. Joan de Neve. Juan Carlos Tajes. Sander Janzweert. Felix Goei. Xico Ribas.

Our long awaited programme is out!


Come to participate in our workshops, rituals and eclectic expressions of transformation under the guidance of the finest alchemists, artists and teachers.

March 12 | Rebirth
11.00 Lectures/Workshops
Marli Huijer – The future of dying
Freek Wallagh – The birthplace of change
Ayesha Adamo – Birthing the Self into Ritual Embodiment
13.30 Ritual Concert
Maya Fridman, Maarten v Veen – Nüit
16.00 Theater
Giek_1 – Kybalion, The Musical
18.00 Musical Lecture
Bert Barten – Becoming an Artist of Change in the Age of Aquarius
20.00 Closing Ceremony
Offering to the Queen of Heaven
DJ Isis